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Product Overview


The Hogg & Davis, Inc. Model 424 Cable Sheave is proving itself to be the answer to many problems in underground cable pulling. The large 24-inch diameter wheel can be used with standard size cables without the fear of crimping or distortion.
The lightweight aluminum wheel can be used with lead or synthetic sheath cable with no worry of scarring or marking the cable. The 360- degree swivel hook provides a strong anchor and allows the sheave to stay in line with the cable eliminating the problem of the cable “walking out” of the groove.

Product Overview


The Hogg and Davis, Inc., Model 636 Cable Sheave is a proven solution to many underground cable-pulling problems. The extra large 36-inch sheave can be used with most cables presently on the market – small to large – without fear of distortion or crimping.
The large, smooth groove virtually eliminates scarring or marring of synthetic or lead sheath cables. A 360-degree swivel hook provides a strong anchor and allows the sheave to stay in line with the cable, eliminating the problem of the cable “walking out” of the groove – even when multiple or bundled conductors are being pulled.

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Rigged and ready to roll, the PM 10 Pole Muzzle is secured to the pole and facilitates rigging back to the trailer for a solid towing package. The snubbing and cinch chains provide solid capture of the pole. The cinch chain is designed to be used in conjunction with a binding chain back to the trailer. For additional security, the strong-backed PM 10 is slotted for a bolt through the pole’s gain hole.

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The 62-4 Poly-Pic System provides the method of handling coiled plastic pipe that eliminates pipe damage. The Poly-Pic System eliminates the use of lift truck forks, pry bars, and hands to separate stacked coils. With a unique design, the Poly-Pic sling grips coils around its circumference. Wide nylon webbing positively grips the coil by forming itself to the wraps of the coil. A positive locking ratchet buckle provides all the power needed for the grip without scratching or marring pipe.
Four (4) vertical legs of the sling insure an even horizontal lift for placement on pallet, truck bed or carousel. The Poly-Pic System can be used with a forklift or crane hook and offers a safer and more efficient method of handling your material..

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The Hogg & Davis Property Line Dolly introduces new versatility and efficiency to the transporting of materials to hard to reach property line jobs. Transformers, poles, power units, and wire reels can be handled with a minimum of work, and costly set-ups are eliminated for underground cable jobs requiring winch work in rear property line areas; as well as buildings or apartment house basements.

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Long recognized as the “standard” in the industry, Hogg & Davis, inc. Safety Pole Tongs have proven themselves time and again in the areas of safety, durability and economy. Timbers or poles are held securely by the triple saw tooth arrangement and cannot slip while under load. Nylatron® pulleys ensure smooth operation of the trip line, which enables the crane, or hoist operator to load and unload poles without putting people in the “danger zone.” Utility companies have increased their pole handling efficiencies by as much as 50% with less labor. Put them to work in your company. Two sizes available to handle most sizes of poles.

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These are the advantages of the US-6 and US-20 universal bed mount sheaves from Hogg and Davis, Inc. Both feature tough NYLATRON® sheave wheels to give maintenance free reliability and increase winch life. The center sheave housings rotate 360° for any angle underground or overhead pulls and the slotted center housing is easily removed so hooks, clevises, swivels and other line hardware can pass through without dismantling of line.

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Break Away Reel Tongs

Specialized tools used for handling and maneuvering large reels of coiled tubing or wireline. These tongs are designed to securely grip the reel and provide controlled movement during operations such as deployment, retrieval, or storage.