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Now you can have all the power and control of the Hydra 985 by converting your old H 135 Cable Reel Unit (1975—current) with our new conversion kits. In our nearly 40 years of experience making powered cable units, one thing is certain, the main frames don’t fail. That’s where we start the conversion, by adding to the existing main frame. Now you can have the newest specs at substantially less cost than a new unit.

Power Unit Conversion:
This is the basic conversion. Includes a completely new, diesel powered, Hydrastatic Power Unit rated at 24,000 lbs. line pull. All new controls – front and rear. Also includes new power unit cylinder with integrated holding valve. Ready for your shop to install.

Power Steering Conversion:
Add this conversion to provide easy maneuvering to your unit. Includes rotary actuator activated idler wheel, complete controls, and new drawbar cylinder with integrated holding valve. Now you can move your unit easily into those “tight” spots on the job.

Bearing Mandrel Rack Conversion:
Add this conversion to improve the smoothness of payout and pulling operations while eliminating wear and tear on components. All metal-to-metal contact is eliminated with the use of Nylatron® mandrel bearings. Includes racks, bearings, bearing blocks, and new reel mandrel.

See HYDRA 985. for complete specifications.