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The industry’s requirement for a high-speed overhead stringer with a brute strength underground puller is now answered with the HP6500 Hydrastatic Puller. The concept of the single-reel, self-maneuverable cable reel unit has been proven time and time again over the past several years. Now the HP6500 adds the additional speed and power required for the most difficult jobs. Its unique power train features a diesel, 4 cylinder, water-cooled engine and provides “feather touch” electro-hydraulic proportional controls. Fine touch inching to all out brute force makes this the unit for all pulling jobs. Overhead wire speeds of zero feet per minute to in excess of six miles per hour, underground pulls from 0 to 40,000 lbs. line pull and one man operation set-up definitely prove its job oriented economy.

40,000# LINE PULLThe HP6500 develops whatever pull is necessary to overcome the resistance on the line. Pulls up to 40,000 lbs. can be developed to handle the most stubborn pulling situations. Line pull ratings are “bare drum” ratings measured with a dynamometer and achieved on a Model 9650 Break-Away Reel. Ratings will diminish or increase depending on the size reel used, its flange width, core diameter and amount of line on the reel. High coefficient of friction rollers assure best performance possible on any given reel.
SELF-MANEUVERABLEThe hydraulically powered Steer-Go Power Steering System comes standard on all Hogg & Davis pulling units. Combined with hydraulically powered idler wheel – a truck is not required to position the unit. One man can easily maneuver the unit to go where a truck physically can’t fit. It also greatly eliminates fear of back strain and hernia of workers trying to manually muscle non-powered units into position.Friction DriveThe proven Hogg & Davis, Inc. friction drive becomes even more “potent” with the use of three driving rollers on each reel flange. A unique clamshell housing allows the rollers to be adjusted to fit any reel diameter from 50 to 108 inches. Up to 14,000 lbs. of force can be applied against reel to give positive friction for the toughest pulls. The exclusive molded ring rollers provide ease of maintenance.

Total Control: Centralized pulling controls offer operator full control of pulling functions as well as engine monitoring and control. Full gauges monitor amperes, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel and engine hours. Stop, start, choke and throttle controls are also provided. Hydrastatic controller provides a full reversing reel control with fully “dead” in neutral position.

Designed with the operator in mind and located at front curbside, the main control panel puts all engine and pulling controls and associated gauges within easy access of the operator. The single axis, proportional pulling control features the capability to “inch” or “creep” the cable being pulled, or provide full “brute” force for the toughest jobs. Micro switch activated, the pulling control is spring returned to a fully locked, neutral position. Merely releasing the control stick brings all pulling operations to a stop.
The operator also has the capability of shifting the two-speed final drive “on-the-fly” without halting the pull. All switches and gauges are waterproof for operation in the toughest conditions. Full function gauges monitor oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and amps. Tachometer and hour meters are also provided as well as hydrastatic pressure gauge. An engine preheat indicator, control position switch and switches for optional functions complete the control panel.

Simple and easy operation is afforded with centrally located control valves. The lifting cylinders, power unit slide, drawbar height and Steer-Go power steering are all controlled from this position. All controls are spring returned to neutral and are positioned to indicate the direction of the function they control. A 0-3000 psi hydraulic gauge is provided at this position for easy monitoring. The Steer-Go power steering (located curbside) features a two-axis joystick control that controls steering and motion functions of the powered idler wheel.

Open yoke design and multiple pocket lifting racks provide uniform ground clearance and low center of gravity hauling for reels up to 108 inches in diameter and 56 inches wide. Lifts are stabilized and mechanically locked to relieve load from cylinders with weight transferred to the trailer mainframe. No supporting equipment is required during the loading process. Specially designed cylinders will handle reels up to 20,000 lbs.


Located at the rear of the curbside fender, these controls offer the operator clear view of underground pulling operations. Pulling controls include hydra-static pay-out/take-up controller, 2-speed, throttle and Aux/Levelwind switches.


The size and types of reels that can be used in HP6500 offer great flexibility to the user. A reel with rope makes it an installation machine; an empty reel turns it into a removal unit. Drive rollers are adjusted for reel widths up to 56 inches with use of wrench provided as shown.


• Fully boxed and reinforced, open yoke, “zero deflection” main frame
• Boxed and reinforced drawbar with replaceable towing eye and safety chains
• Fully welded fenders and integrated tool boxes
• Two-point T-handle latches w/locks and full length piano hinged tool box doors
• 20,000 lb. Stub spindle axle with machined attachment plates
• Full air brakes w/ABS
• 14/80R20 tires and tubes; 9:00 x 20 rims
• Double shock mounted LED lights with pigtail connectors and terminal blocks (FMVSS 108)
• Multi-pocket vertical lift hydraulic mandrel racks with mechanical locks and stabilizers
• 2 1/2″ heat treated reel mandrel with centering cones, locking collars and Nylatron® bearings
• Hydraulically raised and lowered drawbar with load locked cylinder
• Hydraulically powered idler wheel with solid rubber tire and Steer-Go power steering system with anti-cavitations valves
• Four (4) bank hydraulic control valve with pressure relief, gauge, and positional levers
• Stainless steel hydraulic tubing.


• Electric throttle activation at front and rear control positions
• Micro switch energized electric/hydraulic proportional controllers at front and rear control positions
• Closed loop Hydrastatic System
• Two-speed final drive with electric activated shift at front and rear control positions
• Open center auxiliary Hydraulic System
• Load locked cylinder provides pressure to reel
• 2 7/16″ chrome plated drive shaft with piloted flange and pillow block bearings
• Auxiliary power shaft with bayonet
• Hydraulic oil cooler mounted at engine radiator air intake
• Filtration: Full flow with relief and condition indicator with replaceable spin-off cartridge. Flo Ezy® wire mesh filter on suction line inside tank
• 0-5000 psi Hydrastatic pressure gauge at front control panel
• 0-3000 psi auxiliary pressure gauge at control valve bank
• Lighted gauges for oil pressure, water temp, ammeter, fuel level
• Lighted tachometer and hour meter
• Fully hooded with hinged doors for easy access
• Enclosed battery compartment

• Type: YANMAR Tier IV Final 4TNV98C-NYEM Cylinders: 4
• Power Rating: 69.3hp @2500 rpm Standard Conditions
• Combustion: Continuous, Direct Injection
• Ignition: Keyed switch Off, Run
• Cold Weather Pack: Start block heater is standard

• Length: 193.92 Inches (5033 mm)
• Width: 98.34 Inches (2438 mm)
• Height: 85.66 Inches (2032 mm)
• Approximate weight: 8500 lbs.

Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulic Tool Circuit runs light duty tools such as pump, 10 GPM pump
  • Hydraulic Rear Capstan – rear mounted on left side provides 90-100 FPM, 1,000 lbs. pull; solenoid controlled with directional switch
  • Outriggers – hydraulically operated rear stabilizers
  • Feeder Tubes – allow storage of long and short feeders used in underground placement operations
  • Hydraulic Hose/Reel – rear fender mounted retractable reel/hose
  • Beacon Light – fixed or telescopic pole mounting strobe light
  • Urethane Drive Rollers advanced friction material for extra durability
  • The optional Levelwind LW3 – semi-automatic, solenoid controlled for level winding onto drum.