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About HD
Founded in 1947 as a partnership by Fred G. Hogg and Willard W. Davis, the company has been designing and building specialized products for the construction of telephone and power lines for more than seventy five years. Incorporated in 1959, the company is still family owned, with second and third generations managing operations.
After forty-four years in Southern California, the company relocated to Odell, Oregon in 1991, where it currently occupies a 50,000 sq. ft. facility located on 5.65 acres in the John Weber Industrial Park.
The original product manufactured by the company was the Safety Pole Tongs, that are still produced on a regular basis today. From that beginning, the product line has grown to a wide variety of line construction tools and specialized trailers.
Later models refined the process and produced more than 40,000 pounds line pull. The power, maneuverability and ease of operation of these units quickly established them as standards for many of the largest utilities in the nation.
The latest models of these units, the HYDRA 985 and the HP 6500 are in current production.