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This No. 81620 Expandable Payout Reel is designed to work in any position. Made of heat-treated aluminum, these reels can be used singly or mounted in any combination arrangement on a common stand to pay out multiple coils.

Loading is easily accomplished by folding the spring-loaded fingers located on the outside of the reel in position. The fingers will only fold incorrect direction for use. The unique self-leveling scissors linkage is used to expand or contract the reel circumference to fit wire coils from 16” to 20” in inside diameter, up to 10” wide.

The rope brake made to drag in one direction only ensures ease of rewinding and assures even drag while paying out wire or cable. The overall width is 15”. Can be mounted on the truck without using valuable needed space. Manufactured of heat-treated aluminum.

  • Self-leveling scissors linkage to expand or contract the reel circumference.
  • Outside fingers are spring-loaded and designed to fold out of way for easy loading of wire or cable.
  • Rope brake designed to drag in one direction only, easily adjustable by a lineman.
  • Multiple combination arrangements on the common stand to payout multiple coils.
  • Accepts wire coils from 16” to 20” (406mm to 508mm) in inside diameter, and up to 10” (254mm) in width.
  • Cast aluminum finish, UPS shippable, Single reel, and stand weight approx. 53 lbs.
  • 33-1/4” high x 27-1/2” wide x 18” deep