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Product Overview
break-away reel


The Hogg and Davis, Inc., Break-Away Reel was designed to recover overhead or underground cable, conductor or strand which is to be scrapped.

  • No demurrage costs because company reels are no longer being used to ship scrap cable.
  • Eliminates the mess and cost of chopping the cable is made into easily handled coils.
  • No collapsed reels because the BREAK-AWAY REEL is designed to with stand 50,000 lbs. line pull.
  • No scrap penalties because the “Scrappers” do not have to handle messy chopped cable or additional reels.
  • Reduce freight costs because nothing is shipped but scrap.


Product Overview
payout reel


This No. 81620 Expandable Payout Reel is designed to work in any position. Made of heat-treated aluminum, these reels can be used singly, or mounted in any combination arrangement on a common stand to pay out multiple coils. Loading is easily accomplished by folding the spring-loaded fingers located on outside of reel in position. The fingers will only fold in correct direction for use. The unique self-leveling scissors linkage is used to expand or contract the reel circumference to fit wire coils from 16” to 20” in inside diameter, up to 10” wide.

Product Overview


The tremendous crushing forces generated by synthetic rope under strain pose no problem for the Hogg and Davis crush-proof rope reel. Built to withstand the massive pressures that destroy ordinary cable reels, the crush-proof rope reel is constructed for the most rigorous applications and designed to last year after year.
Ordinary reels can’t hold the enormous pressure generated by wound synthetic rope. As the rope is wound onto a reel, it becomes stretched, but, after winding, the rope attempts to retract to its former length. This retraction or pulling creates immense pressures of over 100,000 PSI which can readily crushes ordinary reels, leaving twisted masses of rope tangled around a useless, demolished reel.

Product Overview

RS & SRS 8000

If you already have a flatbed truck or trailer in your fleet and would like to have a multi-reel capacity unit for payout operations — the answer is Hogg and Davis, Inc. SRS8000 reel stand. Also available without swivel base; the RS8000.
The SRS8000 is mounted on a turntable bearing base with locked position every 3 1/2 degrees. This allows the SRS8000 to be positioned at the right pay-out angle without having to move the truck or trailer. When not in use, the SRS8000 can be easily removed from the bed to free the vehicle for other tasks.