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Hogg & Davis, Inc, PO Box 405, 3800 Eagle Loop, Odell, Oregon 97044 USA


In July 1991, Hogg and Davis, Inc. moved operations from Long Beach, California, to Odell, Oregon, allowing for the expansion of the manufacturing facility. This move provided the ability to nearly double production facility space, while also increasing quality and performance control, as a majority of operations were brought in-house. From precision metal fabrication machinery to a state-of-the-art paint line, and large assembly floor, the product produced is what the industry has built the standard on.

  • Our assembly floor is well equipped with jib cranes for easy installation of components.
  • Product component consistency is achieved through the latest CNC technology.
  • Plasma and flame cutting, welding robots, lathes, and mills are all part of our operation ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Our Paint / Finish line is approximately 250 feet long, starting with a steel grit blast booth. This allows for all parts to be grey metal before the finished process. The parts are then primed, flash baked, finished, and then oven-baked at 140 degrees for 2 hours. This assures the best paint finish possible.
  • Thorough diagnostic testing is undergone before our cable Reel Units are put into production.